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MIZeRY ReCORDS, creates new avenues of “Innovation for the Music Industry”. MIZeRY ReCORDS was founded in 2004 by Michael “MIZeRY” Izzo as a solution to his struggles and upbringing. While he was still in high school, Michael had aspirations to work in the music industry as a professional recording artist. However, always one to view his work from all aspects, he began to study the music industry itself: researching business, marketing, and promotion. Some of what he uncovered are the founding prerequisites that most record labels follow. These prerequisites are primarily based on an artist’s established reputation and references. Starting with the artist must be able to independently sell a minimum of 10,000 CDs or 100,000 mp3’s, have performing experience with a following in multiple states/cities, and a professional press kit with a marketable music video. In most cases, they must also have the right connections or references to be considered for a professional contract in the music industry. This approach, while a safe method, creates a ‘secret society’ within the business that isolates and often overlooks a pool of artists with platinum selling potential. As of late 2007, we have been establishing a reputation both nationally and internationally. We would like for our supporters not just to be fans of great music, but a variety of corporations, record labels, and even have the support from political figures. We feel that gaining the support of as many companies and people as possible will greatly assist in furthering our business. Our business is to development further unique and artist products for the world to enjoy.

In 2008, Michael “MIZeRY” Izzo decided to revolutionize music distribution with several design concepts. These methods have all accumulated the creation of MIZeRY’s Debut album in 2011 “15 Years of My Life” which was globally/electronically distributed by Island Def Jam through iTunes & Amazon. Later in 2011, MIZeRY immediately released a co-op album to follow up with his debut by the name of “Til’ Death Do Us Part” which is also distributed by Island Def Jam through itunes, Amazon, & napster. These two albums have allowed MIZeRY to secure one of the last independent online distribution deals with Island Def Jam Music Group™, before they officially became “Defunct” in Early 2014. However, MIZeRY didn’t stop there with the development of his self proclaimed genre of R.A.P.P. From December 2011 – March of 2012, MIZeRY had written two full fledged movie soundtrack albums, created half the production on them, and mixed and mastered the entire project. Additionally, he also commenced writing his novel “The 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ” which also includes a movie script. MIZeRY’s autobiography/novel which is a hybrid 2 in 1 literary novel, which birthed the creation of R.A.P.P., aka RAP2, aka Rap squared; which stands for “Rhythmically Acting Poetic Pictures”. Although, we can’t discuss much about this genre in development, we are slowing debuting portions of it since 2014. The Differences found within Rap2 are: The artist will encapsulate pieces of his life, experiences, close associates lives, or a life style they could have pursued and interprets them through reciting R.A.P.P.-vocally & visually. Through this new found format of entertainment via technology the artist is telling stories about his lifes’ story seen through a different perspective than perhaps that of reality with the purpose of either educating all, or creating prophecy of what may come to fruition in some form or another. In other words, the artist is (Acting) out life styles of his own or others, through (Rhyming Poetry). MIZeRY being the sole founder and creator of this new artistic form brings a wide range of Unique, Intelligent, Diversity to the world of music with it. Not to mention, with his given background within the NYC entertainment industry he has worked for many reputable agencies for over 10 years professionally. When MIZeRY isn’t touring, recording long hours in the studio, teaching, or celebrating; he is out innovating and educating himself and others, with the goal to become a world leader someday…

A quote from MIZeRY – “Education is important to me, but music and spirituality aid me greatly in this lifetime. However, we as humans are designed to evolve and stimulate our youth; so be more involved positively, within society. If you aren’t learning at least one thing new a day, everyday, than you are not living up to your full potential as a child of humanity. Thus, for everyday we are survived as mortals, we consume further resources in which the earth may not be able to sustain. It is a mere choice as a free thinking human to be self destructive, whether intentionally or not. I strongly recommend, choose to be positively proactive in society. I implore you to start changing with more active and positive lifestyles, aiding us all, creating preventative measures against globally destructive habits” – MIZeRY.

The ultimate focus of MIZeRY ReCORDS was designed to create innovating business avenues for entertainment, to become globally successful, and to expand the ways in which entertainment is created and sold. A wide range of our clients and business associates can all be seen here. However, our website is constantly receiving new updates. More of our industry clients and new content will be uploaded by summer-2020. To see MIZeRY’s EPK. Please visit MIZeRY.

Our web traffic expands to many channels and accumulated over the years. In total, we have attained over 150,000 internet radio and video plays. We are vastly growing in popularity, sales, and quality. More of our music, products, & information can be found throughout our website. In the meantime, visit us at Youtube.com/mizery63.

MIZeRY wants us to remember: “Don’t ever be fooled because we have imitators. If it’s not mizeryrecords.com or MIZeRY or MIZeRY63 (with the little e, and a Z instead of an S); well than, it just isn’t quite like us in the world of music and entertainment…

written by: Ashley Trulia.

Sincerely, MIZeRY ReCORDS & Staff, thank you.

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Our Mission:

We are, our own music industry”. We offer Extraordinary, Affordable, Entertainment Services of All Kinds. We’re professional and will work with Majors or Minors, we don’t believe in levels of talent or repute. We work off Passion, Dedication, and Dreams…

Please keep in mind, we never want you to assume that we don’t have what you’re looking for, if you don’t see us promoting or discussing it on our website. We offer a wide range of services, consultations, bookings, or networking options. If we can’t supply what you seek, we will search for a way to assist you in your career, even if we haven’t already found what you’re looking for. If we don’t have what you need, we will find a way to create it, at a feasible rate, and with expedited completion times.

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Meet the Team:

Michael is our sole founder and the reason we continue to strive for success within the world of entertainment. Greg Duval is our Lead Production Manager and has supplied us with A+ Production over the years. Between the two of them, they contain over 20 years of professional experience, which aides us in our success. Lastly, a long time supporter and friend, by the name of Brian Pro, aka DJ PRO is our live performance DJ, DJ PRO is a close associate to Michael, he has aided in the growth of new territories and performances within New England. These three forces have what it takes to fulfill your every need. All three individuals share the same goal in mind: to remain unique, strive for success regardless which avenues, and to see music survive trying times.

Michael “MIZeRY” Izzo

Michael “MIZeRY” Izzo

Founder & Artist

Please Visit Michael “MIZeRY” Izzo’s extension EPK members page here for more information, biography, and publications: MIZeRY

Currently Michael Izzo is promoting his products and expanding into the film industry. For all booking inquiries or complete resume, please contact us at

Greg “Hev1” Duval

Greg “Hev1” Duval

Lead Production Manager

Please Visit Greg Duval’s extension EPK members page here for more information, biography, and publications: Hev1

Currently Greg Duval is a studio engineer in Brooklyn, NY. His studio is called Red Door Studio. Please visit their linkedin account. Linkedin/Brooklynbeatgrinders

Brian PRO “DJ PRO”

Brian “DJ PRO”

Lead Music DJ

Please Visit Brian Pro’s extension EPK members page here for more information, biography, and publications: DJ PRO

Currently Brian Pro is a new Tattoo shop owner within Salem, NH. His tattoo shop is “MasterpieceTattoo”. He is also now an amateur tattoo artist as well. You can visit his shops website at www.masterpiecetattoostudio.com/

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