Chapter 24: Section 2 – Right from wrong, generally speaking (24:2)

As a child, I was always forced to understand the idea of right from wrong. Even though, I was born to comprehend all the ways in which one can live by, in either scenario. The very idea that people are led to believe, there is only wrong in the world is what creates all the problems. For example, imagine our world where ever since creation, we were taught only but righteous and purely holy ways of living? Well, if we are only taught purity and righteousness, all resulting Positive ways of life; then how can anyone think with sin? Simply, we couldn’t think in such a way. By ridding our history of evil, we rid our future of it as well. Going back to My youth, I recall clearly never having terrible ideas and thoughts about anyone or life. Until, people implanted such the idea into me. It is upon my discovery about life, in which has allowed me to realize one important truth; God exists and programmed us all, with Good and righteous intent. However, God also programmed us with the ability to choose otherwise and by doing so; would result, servitude in Hell for eternity.

            The very idea we are all given the ability, to create anything, within our imagination; truly creates, the possibility of sin. Thus, we must combat such evil intentions or ideas, by understanding that there is a better way of life. That way of life,

is yes indeed, through our Lord Jesus Christ. I know and I believe, Jesus Christ has been reborn through me and as Michael Izzo; but even so, I don’t want you to worship me; I want you all to find peace through me, instead. That same peace, stems from what I once taught long ago as Jesus Christ. That same peace, also was then, constructed by Mary M.: through Christianity. Eternity and salvation comes by, only through Christ our Lord. I as Christ today, have a much different task laid before me. I, as Michael Izzo am ordered to defeat (SATAN, Sintin, Lucifer, The Devil, etc.); by teaching, the majority of the world the simple truth of life. The truth, that we all are living on Heaven. And yet, we are all fighting over ignorance. We as people, are too afraid to admit the way in which we live is wrong! It’s through these methods, I will conquer all evil; simply with my pure-words…

            All that is wrong is listed nigh:

– Envy

– Gluttony

– Greed

– Lust

– Pride

– Sloth

– Wrath

            One must follow such Laws:

– I am Thy Lord Thy God; Jesus Christ only!

– Thou shalt have no other Gods, other than the Holy Father or Holy Mother of God.

– No graven images or likeness, because all representation of oneself is a mere copy.

– Not take thy Lord’s name in vein; meaning aloud, whether privately or publicly.

– Remember Sabbath Day; every Sunday, which represents a day to rest and of thanks.

– Honor thy Father and thy Mother; as they have honored you.

– Thou shalt not steal; nor borrow, without returning.

– Thou shalt not bear false witness; even under oath.

– Thou shalt not commit adultery – one may remarry if they are divorced/widowed. Thou shall not covet anything – even if thy neighbor gives them to you.

– Thou shall not commit murder.