Chapter 24: Section 4 – Marriage (24:4)

          Marriage technically has two understandings; the spiritual and the humanely. Marriage in the after life, the way I know it to be is through eternal transfusion between two souls. The humanely understanding is through feelings, physical interaction with others, and what one sees for their future. When I think of spiritual marriage: I think to myself, two Angels deciding to become one divine Angel; through eternal bonding, AKA Divine Metamorphosis. This same bonding, transfuses their feelings, thoughts, and souls together as one divine being; while still being, individuals of themselves. The best comparison would be a Gemini: one being, with two minds. When I think of the humane understanding: I see a life contract or partnership with the person you love. This love, creates a permanent foundation for both of your futures’; including, but not limited to: Sharing all one has with each other, conception, and understanding the connection between life and eternal life through God. When I think of love, I remember what I once shared with a woman whom was unimaginably wonderful. This woman, knew about my truths and secrets; and still decided to be with me, for eternity. I understand that life isn’t perfect, but that’s only because society blinds us from the truths; I will someday soon, teach again… Starting with understanding, I can show you how to change our lives together, eternally. For me, I lack the one person I need in my life to trust, to rely upon, and to live and be with everyday. For me, that very sacred way of life represents my divine abilities, divine strengths, and the ability to accomplish my task of slaying all Evil. Accomplishing such a goal requires: Unconditional Love, by (2x) more, minimum; before ever having a chance in being victorious, against Evil & Hatred. Without a Queen, I can’t complete my life’s work and break free from all these chains set forth. Further more, I will not lead the world into the Kingdom of Heaven, without a Queen to help rule by my side. God created us originally from one another; WOMAN came from a MAN, physically/literally. Through me, you may be one with (The Father, The Son, & Thy Holy Mother’s Spirit). I am the leader for this world, I shall have a Queen, and all whom will help protect the things most precious to me in this world too. Some of those things would be: Mother Nature, women, children, My teaching/truth, humanity, Heaven, & purity.

            In order to comprehend that Men and Women are one and the same, but all so very different; one must understand, that attraction to something or another is a mere choice. If your sexuality is one way or another, the same rules shall be applied in terms of adultery, lust, and any other sin associated in life. If you so choose to be something, other than how you truly were meant to be; than one must accept, that it is wrong! It is only wrong, because God created all living things and most of which can reproduce. Humans however, reproduce sexually: way of intercourse between man and woman. If one chooses to be something or another outside of that; then one is choosing, to change a design within themselves. That choice, may not be wrong; but, choosing to be something you aren’t, is wrong. Ultimately, you will be given forgiveness and salvation; as long as like the others, you must be sorry for your sins and understand why!

            The sacred bond between you and one other person, for life, and eternity is the most holy sacred thing one can ever attain in this life. That bond, creates the gift of another’s life in your hands. Additionally, God is rewarding you with a partner because he sees how you affect that person the most, and how they affect you the most. A life agreement sworn between two people, creates an unfilled void within us, and pushes us all to be better; not only for ourselves, but for our spouse and children as well. I am cursed with the inability to never stop analyzing, everyone and everything; causing me to endlessly search, for the most perfect match for me possible. That same desire, creates a world of sin and temptation around me; preventing me from ever knowing, if the choices I make are right or not. However, it’s through my undying passion for unconditional love, and the faith in which God has blessed me with; I know, I will always make the choice in which God intended for me. The most unfortunate thing to see growing up in America, is the simple fact: Everyone is so independent these days, and they exploit the very idea of marriage for personal gain! That same concept, leads into other lustful and vicious acts of humanity; stemming from the opportunity to hurt others, for personal gain. As a result, humanity is slowly destroying all the good left in the world; for selfish acts of personal gain. Despite these downfalls, I’ve never been prevented from believing in true love; as in, perfect soul mates. It’s through my relentless behavior to stimulate unconditional love, within us all; which permits me to heal the world of persecution and sin. However, such an outcome is only possible, when I find my soul mate; Mary Magdalene, reincarnated…